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Plan Fee Benchmarking (DC Plans & Fully Bundled DB Plans)

PEI’s team of industry experts utilize a prudent process to determine whether or not plan fees are reasonable for the unique set of services required by each specific plan. We ask the industry service providers to quote the fee they would charge to support the plan’s specific requirements. We then compare the range of quoted fees to those of the current provider…and only then do we truly determine if those specific fees are reasonable for that plan’s specific set of services. Now there is a prudent process that plan fiduciaries can feel confident about.

Our difference is demonstrated in how we:

  • Leverage years of experience benchmarking plan costs and negotiating plan fees

  • Determine competitive pricing based on plan-specifics versus generic surveys and databases

  • Review the allocation of these fees (revenue sharing, finder’s fees, service fees, transfer agent fees)

For unbundled DB plans please see our service offering, Plan Fee Assessment.

Additional Resources:


408(b)(2) Next Steps: A Call to Fiduciary Duty

The required 408(b)(2) fee disclosures from your plan service providers prompt an imperative fiduciary duty - determining the reasonableness of plan fees.

Are you confident that your retirement plan committee members are taking the necessary steps to fulfill this fiduciary obligation?

Download the brochure.